Narcotics are wonderful

So it's been a while...

My friend 'Nifer wonders if it's a wise idea to update my blog while I'm on narcotics. So does my other friend 'Ifer. I say the heck with them - this should be interesting.

Let me bring you up to speed. Right after the kids and I returned from the mainland, a crisis hit and a friend needed help. So we embarked on an adventure that was wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. Unfortunately, the adventure proved to be too much for my kids and myself. So it's over.

On top of that, it was determined that I needed some surgery. Yet another thing that AWTM have in common. But it went well and HOPEFULLY it will correct the problems I've been having. In the meantime, I have NARCOTICS and it appears I am an amusing drunk. Heh.

Blogging will hopefully resume shortly. Assuming that I am sober enough to find the computer. And next week I get to start packing for the MilBlogging Conference. WOOHOO!!!!! There is going to be a baby shower for the family of wounded Marine, DJ Emery held at this conference. So I was able to go shopping for some baby girl clothes which was great! I had almost forgotten how wonderful little girl clothes are.

If you could continue to keep the military family that lost their baby in your prayers, they could use them. Thanks.

This has been a rollercoaster of a month. A mostly sad, sometimes heartwarming, definitely stressful month. I'm hoping that the showers brought by the month of April yield flowers in the month of May. I know several people that could use some pretty flowers right about now.

The pain killers are kicking in and, rather than say something I'll regret later (I am sure I did that today going into surgery...Versed, Ketamine, and Toridol will do that to you!) I'm going to hit the sack.


- hfs

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