A good start

Army tries incentives to keep officers

To stem a growing trend of critical future leaders leaving the service, Casey said the Army will unveil a plan next week to give some captains $20,000 to stay on. He said the Army also will increase opportunities for officers to go to various graduate schools as another incentive to stay in the military. The captains also would get a choice in duty assignments.

That's a good start but it's going to take more than that to stem the tide of officers who are leaving the service. I'm not sure what the answer is - anyone have any other suggestions? My BIL is one of those Captains who is in the window when it comes to deciding whether to stay or go. Both of them are (or were recently) and both have chosen to stay but they seem to be the exception to the rule these days. Not many of their West Point classmates are staying in. If the Army is going to rely on Captains to command units (which, in the aviation world, was a big and uneducated change in my opinion) then those with the power to affect a change in policy might want to get on that. Soon.

Like I said, this is a good start.


- hfs

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