I think I'll cry now.

The week was going SO well.

And then this...

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I was pulling into the parking garage at the hospital today. I had been stopped at a stop light about 50 feet away. It turned green, I took my foot off the brake and rolled into the garage, making a right turn and another, immediate right turn. When you enter the garage, you go from bright sunlight to dark shade. Additionally, the turn you make to enter the parking garage, the turn is tight, especially if there is a car coming the opposite direction (i.e. exiting. Which there was.) I wasn't going very fast. I don't even think I had touched the accelerator. I think it was just the downhill momentum that carried me into the garage.

The car that was coming in the opposite direction was a darker color - maroonish - and was heading for the exit which is past the entrance to the left, about 50-100 feet (please keep in mind that my penchant for spatial relations of any kind SUCKS. I cannot properly estimate what size Tupperware to pull out to put leftovers in.). My assumption (and yes, I know what "they" say about assuming...thankyouverymuch.) was that the driver would...gee, I don't know...KEEP DRIVING TOWARD THE EXIT.

He did not.

Apparently he thought that he could exit through the entrance so he stopped. In front of me. As I was turning right. I hadn't made my turn as tight as I should have because I didn't think he'd BE there when I actually MADE my turn. But because he stopped, he WAS. So I cranked my steering wheel to the right to avoid clipping his rear quarter panel and, in doing so, dragged the passenger side of my car along the concrete pillar of the parking garage.

Yes, I cussed. Loudly (I did not have the children in the car at the time, thank goodness. Otherwise, I'd be trying to UN-teach my 3 year old the F-bomb). VERY loudly.

She's not even 9 months old yet. DAMNDAMNDAMN.

I don't even want to KNOW what that body work is going to run me. And no, I'm not involving my insurance company because our deductible is super high and there's no point in jacking my rates up over something that really wasn't anyone's fault. Maybe I'll just set up a Paypal tip jar on the sidebar or something.

There's a reason they call them accidents, I suppose.

For once, I'm actually glad MacGyver is in Iraq. I'd hate to have to come home and show him this in person. *sigh* I'll be getting estimates next week. In the meantime, there's some Bailey's in the fridge that is calling my name.


- hfs

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