I think I'm in trouble

Breathing is overrated, right?

I think this annoying cold that I have not been able to shake has morphed into something worse. Overnight.

I went to bed last night (or was it this morning? I can't remember.) and felt like I was losing ground to this cold. Boy, was I right. I woke up this morning and felt like I had a ton of bricks sitting on my chest. Add to that the fact that I cannot breathe through my nose and the fact that it hurts to blink and I think I'm screwed.

Of course, there were no same-day appointments to be had. And even if there were, they probably wouldn't do anything for me but send me home with some Motrin (Ranger Candy!) which I already have.

Why does this have to happen on a Friday?? Couldn't have happened on a Monday. No. That would have allowed me 5 days to get an appointment. *sigh*

All I want to do is go to bed and sleep for about 3 days. But that is hard to do when I can't breathe. Thankfully it is cold and rainy here so Little Man will be content watching TV this afternoon. But still...this sucks.

I wonder if I have any chicken noodle soup in the pantry...wah.


- hfs

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