MBC 2 - Morning update

I'm going to get this out before my battery craps out on me. Jamie McIntyer was supposed to be our MC but had other commitments. So we're stuck with Ward Carroll. Thankfully, the MC doesn't have much to do other than introduce the panels.

We heard from Admiral Fox from MNF and what he had to say was encouraging. He seemed to see blogs as a better, stronger source of news than the mainstream media. I hope that is the case.

Next up is "From the Front" panel. Sean Dustman, SGT Hook, Bill Roggio, Bill Ardolino, and Matt from Blackfive are up talking about how things stand right now. Bill is discussing the "Awakening" movement taking place in Al-Anbar. Such an encouraging situation that no one in the MSM is reporting on. Why not???

SGT Hook is talking about Afghanistan and how, to get the information, you HAVE to go to the MilBlogs. He says that the reporters ride along on missions, do the reporting, but you don't read the stories. They don't get published. He also asked whether Ernie Pyle would be successful in today's media. I don't think so. And that is sad.

Ok - battery's dying. Time to go find an outlet. More later!


- hfs

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