MBC 4 - Live Fire Round Table

John has the "Clue Bat" so we're good to go. He's talking about why he blogs - it's not for the military member. It's to make up for what is NOT covered by the MSM.

This panel includes Mark from Eagle1, Noah Shachtman, Lex from Neptunus Lex, Slab from Op-For, Murdoc, LTC P, and CPT Anthony Diess from CENTCOM. The scale on this one is tipped in the direction of the maritime services so this should be interesting.

Noah Shachtman is discussing the new Army regulation 530-1. Currently he is discussing the MSM and the perceived bias and how he didn't write about the boring days as much as he did about the days in which "stuff" happened. The comparison between being from the South and being "alien" didn't go over too well.

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