Memorial Day 2007

When I was a kid, Memorial Day was a day off from school. Nothing more. Growing up in middle class Southern California, military service was not something I was really exposed to. I grew up in between Vietnam and Desert Storm - a time when most people I knew didn't talk about their service to our country. And what a shame that was.

I knew my grandfather had served in the military and I was vaguely aware of the fact that my father had once been in the Army but that was about all I knew. I knew our neighbor - Kenny - had been on an aircraft carrier at some point but I had no clue when or where. I was a kid and we were not at war.

But all of that is different now.

Memorial Day has new meaning to me now and while I regret that it is so, I am grateful that I am able to grant those who have sacrificed so much the honor of remembering them. It is I who am honored. Honored to live in such a country, protected by such people as those we remember today.

Several of the blogs I frequent have Memorial Day posts up that you might want to check out if you haven't already (and I'll add more as the day goes on).

Lex has up an incredible post about remembering them all.

John has up a wonderful post about those he and his remember.

Matt has a "thank you" from those left behind.

And Lex also has a great post that he put up about a week ago with a video for you to watch. Make sure you read what is below the video as well.

Thousands of men and women have sacrificed so much so that you and I can sleep peaceably in our beds and eat our BBQ, safe in the knowledge that we face no imminent threat of evil in our own backyards. For that, I am eternally grateful and I vow always to remember.

Chuck you, Gwen, Drake, and Sydney are never far from my thoughts and prayers.


- hfs

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