Solo Op

I'm on my way. Woohoo! The flight from the turd to the Left Coast was sweet! The flight was less than 1/2 full so I jumped into an empty row. Three seats to myself. Ah, slumber! Hopefully I can head off "The Crud" that I am currently fighting. I can feel my sinuses backing up under my cheekbones. Thank goodness for Airborne, Excedrin PM, and Zicam.

I also found that flying on an airline that has just emerged from bankruptcy has its perks. They came through the aisles and offered up FREE champagne! WOOHOO! Nice way to start the trip. Only six hours of flight time left to go.

The conference just increased in interest level. Seems that the Army has gone ahead and passed another knee-jerk reaction to what they perceive as an OPSEC issue. Michelle Malkin and Glenn Reynolds have the details. I'm sure this will be the hottest topic of discussion at the conference. I'll post more about this later but my first thoughts are that this is a dumb move, that it is overkill, and absolutely poorly thought out. Didn't expect much more from the brass, to be honest, when it comes to the information war. Nice to know nothing has changed.


- hfs

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