Wish list - part 3

Sleeptracker Wake Up Monitor

Because I SUCK at waking up. Especially if I have to do so at an hour whose number is less than 9. Doesn't matter when I actually hit the sack. Could be 9pm. Could be 4am (hmm...reminds me of a weekend in D.C. recently...). No matter how much (or how little) sleep I get, I SUCK at waking up.

And I don't drink coffee. I've tried. Can't stand it. I like tea but tea doesn't do much to pep me up in the morning. Coke is good but I've relied a little too heavily on that for this deployment and it has shown on the scale. Time to cut back on that little vice.

So I'd love to try this SleepTracker thingy. I can't remember where I saw it but, if it works, I'd love to wake up feeling refreshed and rested as opposed to groggy and grumpy.


- hfs

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