Worst things about being in the Army

A friend of ours who is currently in Iraq sent this the other day.

~ blisters
~ O dark 30
~ Auto Decals to get on post, a pain to get and worse when they expire
~ being snubbed at a restaurant because I was in uniform and the waitress (or management) was against the war
~ ATT phone cards (when overseas a ‘credit’ is not the same as a minute)
~ Getting ‘outshot’ at the range by a girl
~ When your Ipod battery dies
~ Spider bites
~ Briefing what the enemy will do in the next 24 hours, and being right
~ having to bust a good soldier down in rank (from $1700 a month to $1500 a month) because even though he is trusted with live ammo when deployed, he isn’t 21 yet and is not allowed to drink a beer with his friends in the barracks when back at home
~ Not getting served at all in a chain restaurant in Asheville, NC because a few members of our uniformed burial detail (stopping for lunch) were black.
~ Changing jobs every year or so and being ‘the new guy’ again
~ sitting around waiting for 5 days for the plane home
~ No sex while deployed (8-16 months at a time)
~ No beer while deployed (8-16 months at a time)
~ less than 5 hours sleep regularly
~ 15 month tour extensions (at the last minute)
~ Lines at the pay phones
~ Mosquitoes
~ No mail
~ Payday loan sharks who get your soldiers caught up in 25% loans
~ Soldiers and Sailors relief Act Bunk (it’s only for Reservists)
~ Military discounts (there usually isn’t one) especially hotels where the military rate is higher than the regular room rate
~ halving to walk ½ a mile to the bathroom
~ Bathrooms are Port-O-Jon’s
~ When bathrooms aren’t Port-O-Jon’s (burn out latrines)
~ Poop burning detail
~ Finding the same item you just bought at the PX, priced less at Wal-Mart (esp ATT phone cards)
~ being pale white
~ no coffee
~ missing both 10th and 20th High School Reunions due to training or deployments
~ Road marching back From the field 12 miles, feet bleeding and dog tired
~ Chiggers
~ missing chow
~ war protesters
~ CNN story about the ‘new type of IED is deadlier than ever’ and the following weeks when the enemy listened to CNNs recommendation and increased those types of IEDs
~ being on rear duty when everyone else is deployed (that has to be the worst thankless job ever – I am glad not to have had it)
~ Getting stuck in traffic in Baghdad, in the known Sniper neighborhood
~ Uncertain if the kid is running from your vehicle in play or because he just threw a grenade or bomb under it
~ going to the shower (every 3 days) in 110 degree, dust storm weather to learn that when the air temp doesn’t go below 100, neither does the water temp (scalding hot water is the only shower option – use water bottles in the shower if you want anything other than scalding water)
~ Snipers
~ living months at a time in a hot sweaty cot, in a tent, with 100 other sweaty, dirty guys
~ Spending years of my life away from my life (deployed)
~ moving every 3 years
~ Uncertain to pull the trigger, as not sure which of the two shadows on the roofs is the shadow that is shooting at you
~ finding the nice Iraqi, whom yesterday thanked you for helping make the neighborhood safer, dead in the street today
~ Making the call to drop a bomb on a building where bad guys are shooting from, unsure if there are women or children also in the building
~ Missing 3 of the last 4 birthdays of my Son
~ Another deployed Christmas
~ Mortars
~ Moving body bags
~ Hosing body parts out of a Humvee

And probably the hardest: Helping write letters home to parents of soldiers that were lost.

I would change a hundred things and do them better or different…

Would I do it again ~ yes, and I think most of the guys would too.


Yeah. Stay safe B.


- hfs

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allibiscotti said...

Hey soldier! my ipod battery died too and i found these guys at ipodjuice.com - call them like i did and they give a military discount on shipping! be safe.


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