Happiest of Birthdays Army Wife!!!

So it's Army Wife's birthday and, while she isn't here to enjoy a mojito with me, I thought I'd pass along this incredibly yummy and super easy recipe for one of the best things the Hawaiian islands has to offer...

2-3lb pork butt (boneless)
3 Tbsp Liquid Smoke (mesquite-more mellow tasting/Hickory-Stronger tasting)
2-3 pinches of Hawaiian Salt (to taste)

1) put water to fill crockpot 1/2 way after pork is inside.
2) Add Liquid Smoke
3) Cook about 6 hrs on high (or until pork is easy to shred)
4) Remove pork & shred w/fork
5) Cut up Cabbage in cubes
6) Place about 2 cups of remaining sauce from the crock pot into a pot on medium heat on the stove.
7) Add cabbage, pork, and Hawaiian salt. Stir.
8) Cover and stir often for 15 mins or until cabbage is soft.
9) Serve and enjoy!

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- hfs

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