In the middle of a war? Take a vacation!

Iraqi PM: Parliament should cancel break

You don't say...

I'm sorry, they are taking a vacation? Excuse me? In the middle of a war in their own country, for their own sovereignty and freedom? You have to be JOKING.

My husband and thousands of other soldiers have been extended and will have to spend an additional 3 months away from their families and all that they know and love and these people are taking a vacation? UNBELIEVABLE.

I hope someone is going to take these lousy SOBs aside and conduct some wall-to-wall counseling with them. Either that or send my husband home.


If the people who are supposed to be leading the country feel the need to take a flipping vacation in the midst of some of the most important times of this fight (i.e. General Petraeus' report to Congress and the fate of the Coalition's mission in Iraq hanging in the balance) then I see no need for MY husband and the rest of our soldiers to put THEIR lives on the line to fight and sacrifice for something that is obviously not that important to said leadership.



- hfs

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Devils Advocate said...

Who do they have to model themselves after? Our own United States Congress. Notorious for self gratifying pay-raises, vacations/breaks when there is important work to be done, and random acts of indiscretion. Can you blame the writers of a fledgling democracy for wanting to throw off the dregs of hard work and tough decisions in favor of a little R&R? We're lucky if our own politicians show up for work 50% of the time. I'm sure that starting a government from scratch can be quite stressful and that they have themselves believing that they will take a break and come back refreshed and ready to buckle down and get some work done.
Yeah, we'll see.


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