Starbucks and motorcycles

The kids and I went for ice cream this evening. I needed it. They didn't so much deserve it but *I* needed it. So off we went. Met up with a friend (I'm SUCH a bad influence) and enjoyed our treats.

She needed to head to Wal-Mart which is in the same shopping center so we left the ice cream place and started to walk over. As we are passing Starbucks, my son looks at me and says...

SON: Mommy?

ME: Yes, son?

SON: Isn't that a Starbucks?

ME: Yes, it is. Why?

SON: Why are you walking past it? Aren't you going to go in?

That truly is sad. Of course it's not going to stop me from using the wonderful Starbucks gift cards I received for my birthday but sheesh...I think I go there too much.


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My FIL has a subscription to several motorcycling magazines. This weekend, MIL calls and asks me if I've seen the latest issue of MotorCyclist.

No, I have not.

She tells me there is a picture in the latest issue that is of MacGyver. The caption does not have his name nor does it say where the picture was taken. But she's right (and she should know...she's known him longer than I have!)...that's him. I bet large quantities of money on it. I recognize the stance, the head cock, the CamelBak, the feet. And the wistful, knowing look on his face.

He's in BDUs so I'm assuming this was taken a while ago. Though I'm not sure where or when. I've emailed him so hopefully he can shed some light on the picture. If you want to see the high resolution scan, go HERE. I'll let you know what I find out.

It was neat to see him in there though!


- hfs

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