Maybe I should give this an R rating before I even get started. I'll just warn you ahead of time that my language may not be suitable for all audiences.

Reservist Seeks Exemption From 5th Deployment

My first thought, upon reading the headline, was "Wow. Fifth deployment? That poor guy." There are one or two people in MacGyver's unit that are on their 4th deployment (I don't recall anyone being on their 5th) and that is just incredible. Granted one of those was the emergency deployment to Pakistan to help with the recovery from the huge earthquake they had but still - it was a deployment in between deployments.

But the more you read into the story, the more you realize this guy is truly a pussy. Yes, he's facing his "fifth deployment" but the previous four, when ADDED TOGETHER only total 10 non-consecutive months. Wah. Wah. Wah. Shall I call the Wahbulance?

Seriously. And, not only has this guy not even spent a year in a war zone (consecutively or non-consecutively) he's already been granted a year-long exemption! He's had more flipping "dwell time" than my husband will see! Give me a break. Find your big girl panties and put them on. Welcome to the Army. YOU SIGNED THE CONTRACT.

Now honor it.


Pentagon Approves 18-Day R&R For Some

Gee, isn't THAT nice?

There is a part of me that is grateful for the fact that they are lengthening R&R by any duration. Truly, an extra 3 days would have been wonderful and I am thankful for the 15 days that we had. Soldiers who fought in WWII and Vietnam didn't have this luxury (or the luxury of email and webcams) so there is that perspective.

But there is another part of me that resents the fact that I feel as though I have to be grateful for every little God-forsaken crumb the Congress (and the Pentagon) throws at us. They screw us over and then toss us a bone and expect us to be thankful and soldier on (no pun intended) under the banner of "love of God and country" and "doing our duty" while they continue to hunt for their backbone and debate whether we are going to "cut our losses" and slink out of there like cowards who didn't have the courage and honor to see it through to the end. It makes me MAD.

They gripe and moan about our "lack of successes in Iraq" while tying the hands of our military behind their proverbial backs. They bitch about how many casualties we are suffering yet they get their panties in a wad if we are overzealous in our pursuit of the bad guys for fear that we might possibly injure a civilian (never mind that said "civilian" had in his hands the makings of a roadside bomb less than 15 seconds ago but put them down somewhere and claimed to be an innocent civlian just like that) or violate the Geneva Conventions or (*gasp*) piss of France. The double standard ticks me off.

Personally speaking, the extension, the extra days of R&R, all of it would not be necessary if our lawmakers would simply stick to that for which they were elected - law making - and leave the military operations and decisions to the military. If our military had been allowed to do what it is TRAINED for 5 years ago (or even 10-20-30 years ago) we would be done and all of this would be MOOT.


I'll step down off my soapbox and go to bed now. I feel much better now thankyouverymuch.

BTW ~ for those who are wondering, Louie passed away yesterday. The kids are so sad. If the rain here lets up tomorrow, we will bury him in the backyard. We'll miss you Bud!


- hfs

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