We're going to try this again

I have yet to hear back from either General Pace or his staff regarding the question I posed to him last month. He's a busy man so I'm not surprised.

Doesn't mean I don't want, and EXPECT, an answer to my question. For those of you who do not remember the question, here it is again:

What are the incentives for an Army aviator to stay in past their original 6 year commitment while facing longer and more frequent deployments coupled with the fact that the amount of Aviation Continuation Pay offered by the Army is less than ONE HALF that of what the other branches of service offer?

This time, I will have the opportunity to throw it at the acting Secretary of the Army, Pete Geren. He's the gentleman that started the brouhaha over the possibility of extending the extensions during his testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

And Patti, I'll have one of those wonderful Soldiers' Angels coins for him as well.


- hfs

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HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Found your blog while googling for info on Pete Gehren (Sec.Army). I'm married to a USAF physician deploying to Iraq in 4 weeks. I am about to know your frustration and worry while being so very concerned about my husband's well-being and mental health during deployment. He's an ICU physician and will be seeing the worst-of-the-worst while in Bagdad with only CCATT missions as a break from the horrific carnage.

I thank you for your strength and courage and your husband's service during this difficult time in our country's history. May all of our people be home sooner than later, tomorrow would be good. THANKS.


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