I'm afraid, after all of our efforts, my washer has died. We tried everything but she was too far gone.

Time of death, 10:52pm HST on 18August2007.

It looks like either the transmission or the clutch (sounds like a car, not a washing machine!) is shot. A rebuilt transmission would run me between $50 and $75 and cannot be found on island so it would take 5-7 days to get one in. A new transmission would run me about $150 which is 2x what I paid for the washer in the first place. Not to mention the fact that replacing either the transmission or the clutch is pretty complex and I have neither the time nor the patience to tackle something like that.

I'm good but I'm not that good.

So Little Man and I went on a search for a new washer. Smart boy that he is, he immediately zeroed in on the LG Steamwasher but I don't have that much money to drop on a washer unless it comes with someone to fold the laundry and put it away as well. But I like the way he thinks.

My parents have the same washing machine that they have had since I was a kid. It's the only one I ever remember and it is olive green if that gives you any indication as to its age. It works like a champ and I can only recall it having issues twice in my 35 years. Not bad for an appliance.

It's a Maytag.

So we went in search of a Maytag. I'm pretty low maintenance. I don't need lots of bells and whistles on my washer. Just give me hot/warm/cold temperature selections and a choice of cycle (normal, delicate, etc.) and I'm good to go. I don't need high capacity. There's only 4 of us and one of us isn't here at the moment. So we found a Maytag within budget that fit our needs perfectly. It will be delivered (for free!) on Wednesday. I think I have enough clean underwear to last until then. hee hee

My second major appliance purchase in a year. Maybe I'll get lucky enough next time around and won't have to replace ANY appliances. I can live without a dryer. I have clothespins and know how to use them. heh

In other news, the antibiotics and antivirals seem to be working. I no longer feel like one of the living dead nor am I begging people to shoot me and put me out of my misery. And my throat no longer feels like I swallowed shards of glass. Always a bonus. Thank you all so much for the well-wishes and prayers. Little Man seems to be recovering well from his ear infections as well and now we are taking bets on how long before Princess Trouble comes down with something.

For those of you interested in supporting MacGyver's unit, I am going to be hosting a Tastefully Simple party (think Tupperware or Pampered Chef) and the proceeds will be going to the homecoming party in December. I understand that Hawaii is a ways to go to come to a party such as this so I will be giving out information (via email) on how to place orders and have them shipped directly to you.

I have to tell you, the Beer Bread and the Almond Pound Cake are to DIE FOR and I have it on good authority that Jack Army is a fan of the Corn and Black Bean Salsa. Going to have to try that one!

Many of the products can be shipped overseas too! So a yummy bag of tortilla chips and a jar of the salsa sounds like the start of a yummy care package for a loved one! (hint hint hint Soldiers' Angels!) And the proceeds go to a great homecoming party. Drop me an email at homefrontsix-at-yahoo-dot-com and I'll shoot you the information on how to order so that it gets credited to my party!


- hfs

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