Final total for Fundraiser!

Here's the breakdown:

Hawaii orders total $618
Mainland orders total $573

Final total for party $1191...round it up to $1200....so....drumroll
please....the check I would usually write myself is $300...WAHOO! In
addition, D.M. from MA made a $20 flat donation.

I will make the final check for $320.....YIPPEEEEE!!!! Are you excited???
I am!!!

First, thanks SO much to my consultant for her generous donation! She decided to donate 100% of her profits to the homecoming fund. So, if you missed out on participating in the party, you'll have to wait for next time! The fall line of products comes out this weekend. I can't wait!

Second, thank you so much to all on the mainland who placed orders for this party! I appreciate it so much! And I'm sure the soldiers will too. A special thank you to D.M. of MA for the donation - that was too kind!

You all are wonderful and I truly appreciate all of the support.


- hfs

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