Immune System Vacation

UPDATE: they sent us home with a SHOPPING BAG of meds. Here's Little Man's lineup:

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Seriously, it looks like he's doing shooters!


Yep. It's on vacation. Little Man has:

- tonsillitis
- possible/probably ear infection (in BOTH ears)
- pink eye in both eyes (that he was kind enough to share with his sister)
- a possible heart murmur

He's been toying with a 103* temperature that was stubborn as all get-out (wouldn't respond to the Motrin/Tylenol combo) and then last night pretty much stopped eating and/or drinking. So off to the Acute Care Clinic we went bright and early this morning.

Good thing we got there when we did. By the time we left, 3 hours later, the wait to be SEEN was 6 HOURS. Good grief. Yet the powers that be seem to only see the need to staff the ACC with ONE physician. Idiots.

Little Man's tonsils are almost touching. That might be why he's not eating a whole lot. Hmm. His ears are blocked (maybe THAT is why he's become so good at ignoring me lately!) and all of his glands are the size of walnuts. Poor guy.

On top of that, he has a slight heart murmur. So does his sister (it's benign) so this doesn't surprise me. They'll monitor it and if it's still present in 3 or 4 weeks, they will schedule an ultrasound and EKG to make sure it is benign as well.

Always fun around here. Always.


- hfs

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