Me: 3 Deployment Gremlins: 0

I put a load of wash in the washing machine before I left for my church's Military Ministry meeting last night. Denim. And bath mats (and before any of you have coniption fits, it was 2 bath mats with no rubber backing and 5 pair of denim shorts so no, I did NOT overload the machine). I set it to wash with the expectation of it being done by the time we returned home. Then I could throw the load in the dryer before I went to bed and I would have clean shorts in the morning!


I came home to find the washing machine tub full of sudsy (dirty) water and wet clothes. It wouldn't drain nor would it spin. Lovely. Wrangling with the deployment gremlins was NOT how I wanted to wrap up a lousy Tuesday evening.

My first thought was that I would get to spend my Thursday (while Little Man was in preschool) shopping for a washing machine. Not really what I had wanted to do but a girl can only go so long with no clean shorts. Especially when she lives in Hawaii. I was whining to my friend Jen on IM and mentioned that it was probably just the motor. It's an old washing machine - bought second-hand when we were new at Mother Rucker - and MacGyver had already replaced the motor once before. In addition, handy pack rat that he is, he had scavenged a motor from the old washing machine our former neighbors had set out for bulk trash pickup a while back and it was sitting up on the shelf above the washer and dryer.

Jen's comment was, "If those damn Army Wives on Lifetime can deliver twins on a pool table, we can replace a washer's motor!!" I laughed and admitted that she had a good point. She said she'd call her dad (who is quite proficient at replacing washer motors) in the morning and see what he thought. I popped off an email to MacGyver to make sure that the motor was, in fact, a washer motor and to see how easy it was to get into the washer and replace the motor.

Both Jen's dad and MacGyver agreed that, assuming it WAS the motor that was bad, we could handle replacing it. Heck, I've already achieved my plumbers' and automotive a/c replacement merit badges so why shouldn't I be able to tackle this one? Right?


So I emptied out the tub in the washer the best I could with a pitcher that night. Jen came over in the morning and we emptied the rest of the water out of the tub with the Shop Vac and set to work.

The FIRST thing we did was to unplug the washer since water and electricity do NOT get along well. Again, my daddy didn't raise a fool.

Amazingly it was pretty easy to get into the washer and to get the motor out. The hardest part was getting some of the screws to come loose because, well, MacGyver is stronger than we are and uses more torque when tightening them down. But it was nothing a hammer couldn't fix! When all else fails, use a BFH, right?

We managed to get the bad motor out quite easily. Here is the culprit (and the proof for you doubting Thomases):

Getting the new(er) motor in was about as easy as getting the old one out. Jen did most of the work and managed to not even break a nail! I'm so proud of her!
When all was said and done, we plugged everything back in and held our breaths as we fired her up. The angels sang and the tub spun! We sat there and watched it run thought an entire cycle just marveling at our abilities. It was awesome. And, to reward ourselves, we went to Baskin Robbins for a 2-scoop sundae!!!

All in all, a very successful Wednesday morning! That THAT you Deployment Gremlins. Of course, this means that the Maytag Repairman is still going to be bored.


- hfs


Dizzy Dezzi said...

Way 2 Go! First rule of deployment: Put deployment gremlins to bed before emotional breakdown ensues. I don't know if I could have gotten all hands on with the washing machine (although I have done so with a garbage disposal and a mini-van) but, that just goes to show the ingenuity of the military spouse. When life throws you lemonades, throw those suckers back ;)

Dizzy Dezzi said...

I mean't "when life throws you 'lemons'..." (it's getting late here and it's been a long day).


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