Round 2

Little Man is back with the sore throat, earaches, and fever. I wondered why he had absolutely no appetite for the past 2 days. Now I know. So I'll be on the phone first thing in the AM in the hopes of getting him an appointment.

I think it's about time for antibiotics. This is the start of week THREE of this. Poor Little Man!


Fires, floods, and earthquakes...oh my!

We have a Cat IV hurricane bearing down on the islands at the moment. Word has it that it will track south of us and the most we'll see is a fair amount of rain and gusty winds. We need the rain. My grass is thirsty. I'll be charging batteries tonight and making sure that both cars have full tanks of gas. We're well-stocked on food and water so I'm not worried there. Though I do plan to hit Costco tomorrow but I had planned to do that before the hurricane forecast. And thankfully we live toward the middle of the island.

In addition, there is a nasty brushfire up toward the North Shore. It managed to shut down the 2 major roads up to the North Shore yesterday which made for some difficulties but that's about it. No structures have been threatened and hopefully the rain from the hurricane will knock it out.

And, as if life weren't interesting enough...the Big Island was hit with a lovely earthquake this evening. 5.4 magnitude. No damage reported but someone pissed off Mother Nature. Whoops!

Always an adventure, eh?


- hfs


Linda said...

Good luck with the appointment for Little Man...we now have someone (the appointment line person) "triaging" over the phone...THEY get to decide if your symptoms merit a same day appointment. Can you BELIEVE IT? And they are no longer giving "well child" visits to kids over 2. I'll be taking that to the hospital commander, since Tricare does INDEED cover up to age 6.

Maybe the rain from Flossie will put out the fires?

Keep safe!!!

Tracy said...

I've been there with the ears. Both kids.

My oldest sounds like he was like your Little Man. very acute. He had THREE sets of tubes put in. He was one of the "odd" ones that all the tubes did was lessen his ear infections from every month to every other month. He's 8 now and still gets about 3-4 infections a year. *sigh*

My youngest has tubes now, but he's 5 and just had them put in (my oldest's problems started at 9 months). He has not had nearly as many infections as the oldest. He got the tubes b/c he had acute hearing loss. And somehow son #1 with all his problems~his hearing was never effected. Weird.

Enough about me! I just wanted you to know that there was someone out there who has been in your shoes!

Regarding the hurricane~I live in Wisconsin so that I have NO knowledge about! LOL I hope it goes south of you and all you get is the much needed rain!


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