'Kingdom' A Mixed Success

"Where the pic goes astray is in turning anonymous, indigenous peoples into ducks at a shooting gallery. In "Black Hawk Down," the alleged good guys mowed down hundreds of faceless Africans; here, it's Arabs, in what seem like comparable numbers. The sense of vicarious sport is the same; anyone in a caftan or a kepi is fair game."



Mr. Anderson wouldn't know good guys if they hauled his sorry ass off the 101st floor of the WTC on 9/11.

"Faceless Africans"??? The only reason they were faceless is because they were part of a blood-thirsty mob that was toting AK47s and RPGs and trying to kill each and every soldier sent there to try to help that country get it's shit in one sock and actually be able to feed its own people with the supplies donated by many of those same "alleged good guys" and their countrymen. Instead, we lost 18 wonderful men whose mission was to do what their CinC tells them to do, regardless of assets available to them (thank you Congress and Slick Willie) because the people of that country - those "Faceless Africans" - would rather take up arms against those who seek to help them rather than against those whose only mission in life is to either destroy or dominate them.

Those 18 men had more honor, more integrity, and more courage in their pinkys than Mr. Anderson could probably scrounge up from his entire being. His opinion is not worth the paper it is printed upon.


- hfs

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