A piece of my childhood died

'Wrinkle in Time' Author Madeline L'Engle Dies

I was in a 3rd/4th combination class. Miss Lowe was my teacher. I remember that she had a big glass bottle (looked like a gallon wine bottle, if I'm not mistaken) that she would put marbles into if we behaved well. She read us 'A Wrinkle in Time' and I was fascinated. I own a copy of it now and cannot wait to read it to my children.

There was a boy named Frankie in our class. Heather had a crush on him, or so we thought. Joelle wore clothes her mom made and always looked really cute. We would sit on the rug in class and, even though we could all read on our own, Miss Lowe would read us a chapter of the book at a time. I loved when she read to us. I looked forward to it each and every day.

It is such a wonderful book. So rich and vibrant with so many layers. She didn't write just for children but children seemed to have the right mindset and level of imagination to fall completely in love with her books.

Thank you Ms. L'Engle. God bless.

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