Trying not to pull my hair out

Ok, I understand I might be a bit cranky, given the fact that I feel (and look, according to one of the little jewels that Princess Trouble goes to school with) like roadkill. But this just about sent me over the edge today.

I bought a new car. Well, new to me. The Accord just wasn't cutting it. We need more room and the clutch on the Accord was not being kind to my sciatica. So I found a helluva deal on a used Honda Pilot and bought it Friday. By the time I got home after buying the car, running errands, and picking Princess Trouble up at school, it was past normal business hours at USAA. And Monday was a holiday. I added the car to my insurance policy but it would be Wednesday, at the earliest, that USAA could email me the insurance cards.

No big deal, right?

Yeah, no.

I needed to drop Little Man off at preschool on post and had to go through the commercial gate since I don't have post stickers yet (the office that issues said stickers conveniently does not open until 9am on weekdays and is not open on weekends at all which, I am sure, is oh so convenient for soldiers who actually WORK during the day. But that's a different rant altogether.).

So I get to the gate, they wave me through to the place where they issue temporary tags. No big deal, right? Wrong. I give the gentleman my paperwork (registration, safety inspection, and proof that *I* am insured) and hand it to him. He looks it over and informs me that the VIN on the insurance card does not match the VIN on the registration.

No kidding.

I explain the situation to him. He blinks. I explain it again. He blinks twice and then proceeds to tell me he can't issue me a pass because I don't have proof of insurance.


I point to the card and tell him that *I* am insured as is the car I am currently driving but that USAA can't email me a new card until Wednesday. But I AM insured and that is all that is required by Army regs. He definitely did not like the fact that I was quoting Army regs to him and bluntly tells me that he will not be issuing me a pass without proper proof of insurance.

I ask him how I am supposed to get my son to preschool, go to the commissary, etc. If the card in my possession is good enough for the state of Hawaii and good enough for rental car companies, why is it not good enough to get a 24 hour temporary pass so that I have access to the post until I get my new insurance cards?

He tells me that I am allowed access on post, just that he is not going to give me a temporary pass.

Oh, that makes a whole heckuva lot more sense...? Whatever. Just let me go. I'm already 15 minutes late to drop my son off.

Coming back through the same gate 7 hours later to pick my son up was a lot like the old "Who's on first?" routine. Similar to what was described above only without the animosity. I swear, this place is going to make me go BALD before we make it off this island.

Hopefully the new insurance cards will come through tomorrow and I can get new stickers for my car. If not, I might just be bald by the time I have to run Little Man to preschool again.

Really? WHY do things like this have to be so freaking difficult??? Ugh. The Air Force has found a clue and dicontinued the use of base decals because they realize the limitations and holes within the program. How long until the Army gets a clue? Maybe they could borrow John's cluebat? Nah...


- hfs

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