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No need to reinvent the wheel so I'll first direct you over to Fuzzy's place. She has a wonderful overview of the entire thing.

In case you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, it's time for the annual Project Valour-IT fundraising drive.

Fuzzy has links to her "selected Valour-IT posts" on the right sidebar of her blog. For a look back at my posts regarding Project Valour-IT, you can check out:

The original Op-Ord
Kickoff for the 2005 fundraising competition
Your hands
Better late than never
MacGyver is just fine

I will post more throughout the fundraiser, which is scheduled to wrap up on Veterans' Day. For now, start collecting those pennies and recycling those cans so you can help Team Army kick everyone else's @$$. Because that is what we do.


- hfs

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