Anticipation SUCKS

I don't even know how to start this post. I don't want to make anyone think I'm mad at them (I'm not) nor do I want anyone to think I'm bitter (ok, maybe a little but I'm working on that). So, here goes...

No, I do not know when my husband is coming home yet.

No, I do not have a date yet.

No, I do not know what chalk number he is on.

No, it is NOT getting easier.

In fact, I think it's getting harder.

Remember when you were a kid and Christmas (or your birthday) was approaching? Remember how it became more and more difficult to contain yourself as the date came closer and closer? Remember the anticipation? The feeling of wanting to be able to hit the fast-forward button on life and speed things up? The feeling of just about coming out of your skin with excitement?

That's me only I don't know when I get my present. We won't go into details here (I'm not exactly sure who in my husband's chain of command actually reads this blog and the words I would use to describe the situation would not be conducive to his career...) but he's in limbo at the moment. He's out of harm's way but he has no clue as to when he'll be heading home.


And I swear, the next person who pats me on the shoulder and says, "but he's going to be home soon, right?" as if that is supposed to make life ANY easier is going to get smacked.


There, I feel a little better. Not much. But a little.

And on a different note - a note that has nothing to do with ME - could you please hold our Cav unit and their families in your prayers? They come home soon and without 2 of their pilots. The wife of one is back on the island to welcome them home and thank them for their love and support. I cannot imagine how difficult this is going to be for all of them and their families. Such a bittersweet event. But they are strong and so is she.


- hfs

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