The last

When this deployment started, I pondered the first care package and all of the other "firsts" that would come.

Now I get to revel in the "lasts".

For the last time, I took my daughter to school alone. That's not to say MacGyver will be able to take her to school every day but at least he'll be able to consider the possibility. Other than R&R, he's missed every day of her school career thus far.

For the last time, I took my kids to Awana alone. From now on, if MacGyver isn't working he'll be able to join us and see exactly how much fun the kids have each week and what they learn.

For the last time, I tucked my babies in bed and for the last time I wished that their Daddy was here to give them a kiss goodnight. Tonight they went to bed with huge smiles on their faces because they know that, when I wake them up in just a few precious hours, we will be on our way to pick Daddy up.

For the last time, I took the garbage out. I HATE taking the garbage out.

For the last time, I slept in the bed by myself. Granted this could be a double-edged sword but I will willingly give up sleeping in the middle of the bed alone.

For the last time, I sat out on the back lanai and wondered which star MacGyver was looking at before he went to bed and whether it was the same one I was looking at a world away. For the last time I said a prayer that he would come home safe, sound, and soon.

For the last time.

The house is quiet. I can hear my kids breathing in their room. I can hear the sound of the ceiling fan spinning and the rain falling outside. The floors are mopped, the carpet vacuumed, the bed made.

The elephant has left the room. I can breathe again...almost.


- hfs

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you and your 'lasts'. We look forward to our #1 sons lasts in January. I'm an Army Mom of 2, one over there and one home doing the ROTC for another year before he's back in and a former Mom of an Air Force kid...so I know about firsts and lasts!
Enjoy making lots of FIRSTS!
Army Mom Laura


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