No more excuses

I've become quite absent-minded lately. Well, over the past 14-15 months or so. I've forgotten commitments, forgotten to grab my list/purse/items to return/what-have-you on the way out the door, forgotten my name from time to time.

I've blamed it all on the deployment.

Actually, I've blamed just about everything on the deployment. My absent-mindedness, my fatigue, my crankiness, my bad hair days. You name it, it's due to the deployment. It's a convenient excuse. Who is going to argue with me? I've yet to find anyone.

I lose my mind over something seemingly insignificant? Stress from being a single parent due to the deployment.

I cry over something that doesn't really warrant a frown, let alone tears? Stress from the worry over the safety of my husband.

I have a meltdown over something that usually would roll right off my back? Lack of sleep brought on by the stresses of the deployment.

Grey hair? Wrinkles? An extra 5 pounds? Yep. Damn deployment stress.

Comes in quite handy, doesn't it?

Yeah...that gig is just about up. What on earth am I going to do? I might actually have to take responsibility for my actions. Oh Lord. This could get interesting. Dammit.


- hfs

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