Productive day

~ clean fridge (inside and out): DONE
~ scrub baseboards in kitchen and entry: DONE
~ clean out kids play closet (aka The Harry Potter Closet): DONE
~ tidy up garage: DONE
~ laundry x 2 loads: DONE
~ paint 1 "Welcome Home" sign: DONE

~ more laundry
~ scrub baseboards in living room
~ paint trim surrounding front door
~ paint entryway baseboards
~ paint door to garage and surrounding trim
~ scrub banister
~ paint banister if time permits

~ reorganize entertainment center (VHS is dead. Need to take it out and move DVD and DVD/R around)
~ paint baseboards in living room
~ paint trim around back sliding door

Monday we'll be taking a break to go bowling and get to Awana. Tuesday the kids need haircuts and I need to check on renting a Rug Doctor. And I need to get some of that Windex Outdoor No-Wipe spray so I can hit the outsides of the windows. Easier than trying to yank the screens out. Wednesday the girl goes back to school and Thursday the boy starts back to preschool. WOOHOO! That should keep me busy and out of trouble...for a bit!


- hfs

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