Reunion Nesting, part II

In case you missed the first installment, you can read about it HERE. And, before I go any further, I need to say thank you to my friend 'ifer for coining the phrase "reunion nesting". She was the one that first said it and I took it and ran with it (because that is what I do).

A little update...

I've spoken with MacGyver and he has told me that he will be out of Iraq shortly and home sooner than I expected (remember, I am a pessimist...I wasn't planning on him being home until close to Halloween). And even though his impending return originally left me somewhat apathetic, that has worn off and I'm now in full "reunion nesting mode".

To that end, I just spent the last hour clearing out my pantry, sorting through the items in said pantry, tossing dated items, consolidating others (really, does one family NEED 3 boxes of flavored oatmeal?), scrubbing down the shelves, and putting everything back in neatly. It looks so pretty! And it will...

...until the kids get up in the morning. Maybe I should go take a picture.

Nah. I need to get to work on the fridge. Need to make room for the beer! (yeah, still working on that one...)

The portraits are at the framers. I have plans to rent a Rug Doctor and do the downstairs carpets. I am borrowing a friend's pressure washer and plan to attack the concrete this weekend. Ditto on the windows. I'm catching up on the laundry. The kids room is in my sights next week. And I need to get to Lowes to pick up a gallon of paint.

I've decided that, rather than scrub the baseboards I am going to paint them. Really, I'm not lazy. Whoever painted this house (whenever the last time this house was painted...?) was either blind, spastic, or both. The trim that surrounds my back sliding glass door looks like my 3 year old took a paint brush dipped in beige paint and dragged it up the molding with one swipe. It only goes up about 3 feet. The swipe coming down only goes for about 3 feet. The molding is 8 feet tall.

YOU do the math.

It's pathetic. As are the baseboards, the banister, the interior doors, and the walls in all 3 bathrooms. I'm not planning to tackle the bathrooms right now but I do plan to paint the baseboards and molding (and doors if I have any paint left).

I need to finish going through our files and purge them. I need to tackle my desk area and the craft closet. And there's always laundry needing to be taken care of. The list goes on and on.

And on. I realize at some point I am going to have to prioritize. I doubt that I will be able to get to everything on my list. But that's ok. In the meantime, I will stay busy which will hopefully keep me out of trouble and prevent me from spontaneously combusting from the anticipation of MacGyver coming home.

Soon I won't have to be the only adult in the house. Soon...


- hfs

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