Garden Gnomes and barricades

Crystal's post reminded me of a morning back in high school. I'm pretty sure it was the morning after a football game but don't quote me on that one (I've slept since then). My dad came in and rousted me out of bed which is not something he usually did. He was quite insistent upon me coming outside with him.

Which is also not something I usually do in the morning just after I wake up. But again, he was insistent so I dragged myself out of bed and headed out into the front yard with him.

As I walked out the front door, I about tripped over a barricade. A construction barricade.

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On my front porch.

Out in the yard were another half-dozen or so along with cones, caution tape, and all sorts of other pieces of equipment from the construction that was going on across the street.

Come to find out, two of my friends thought it would be funny to swipe them from the construction site and load them up in my front yard. I thought it was funny too. Until the foreman from the site showed up.

Crystal's story is funnier than mine though. And we never stole garden gnomes. Though we did think about stealing Bob from Bob's Big Boy...

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- hfs

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