The blog, people. The blog. Good grief.

Things may look a bit different to those paying attention. I'm just cleaning up around here a bit. Long overdue in that department. If something's not working for you, let me know.

I'm debating leaving blogspot and going elsewhere but it's free and, unlike scrapbooking, airsofting, and scuba diving, this "hobby" has (for the most part) been free so I'm loathe to start paying for it now. We'll see. I've also been looking for a new template that works well with Blogger and have yet to find anything that jumps out at me. So we'll see on that too.

In the mean time, go take a look not only at the General Pace coin that I have up for auction for Project Valour but also the other items up for auction. There's some cook stuff over there (see link in post below). But don't bid against me for the Thunderbird stuff - that's (hopefully) going to be some of Little Man's Christmas gifts!


- hfs

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