Weekend funnies

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Princess Trouble lost her first tooth today - big news around these here parts! The tooth is currently awaiting the Tooth Fairy's arrival in her pretty pillow made by Auntie 'Lor. We'll see what the Tooth Fairy brings!

My baby's growing up. *sniff*

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Last Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa B. got the kids an Ice Cream Ball and we broke it out tonight to make ice cream. The kids had a ball (no pun intended) rolling it around and back and forth. Little Man then remarked, "I hope mine's a Clown Cone!" hee hee

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Wednesday, when Little Man and I went to pick up Princess Trouble from school, all of the kids were coming out of class with all sorts of crafty turkeys. When Princess Trouble came out with hers, I asked Little Man what he thought it was. "A chicken in a dress, Mommy."

Kid cracks me up! Have a wonderful remainder of the weekend.


- hfs

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