Disappointed and frustrated

Today was NOT my day. About a week and a half ago, the local paper ran an article about a new program that the city was implementing. Seems they are facing an 18% vacancy rate in their EMT corps. So they decided to open up an "academy" and offer EMT training for free to interested candidates. In addition, they would pay candidates $2,917 per month during the training in exchange for a 2 year commitment to work for the city as an EMT.

Oh. My. Goodness. It was perfect.

See, I would love to be an EMT. I actually took the course while living in Southern California but never pursued employment because we moved to Colorado and there the going rate for EMTs was about $6.50 per hour. Not enough to make ends meet. At one point, I considered retaking the class while we were living in Alaska but then Princess Trouble decided to make her appearance in the world which automatically disqualified me from the program. That was ok - I'd much rather have her than my certification.

There is a great EMT program offered at one of the local community colleges on the island but the classes are $65 per credit AND I would have to figure out child care for Little Man and after-school care for Princess Trouble. Not the most financially wise situation, given the fact that student loans from college are still hanging around. So I set that idea aside as well.

Then this article came to my attention and I was SO excited. What a perfect opportunity! And, the timing seemed right due to the fact that we have just secured an extension that will put us here long enough for me to fulfill the 2 year commitment to the city. Yay!

I signed up for the first CPR class that I could get into. I dilligently filled out the application, detailing my years of experience as a lifeguard, swim coach, pool manager, and teacher as well as my years of certification in First Aid, CPR, Lifeguarding, Water Safety Instruction, Disaster Preparedness, and the EMT class I took years ago. I had the work history detailed, references set to go, my resume updated and attached.

I missed the part of the job announcement that stated that my CPR certification had to be valid by the date of application.

I am not able to take the CPR class until next week. The application deadline was today.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

I hate it when you get so mad that you cry. HATE THAT. But I did it anyway. I was at least able to hold off until I got in my car after visiting the HR department downtown, only to learn that I was not eligible for the program. So very frustrating. The program would have been a very good fit for me, for my family. I don't handle disappointment very well. So, needless to say, I am having a MAJOR pity party at the moment.

I do not understand why, if the training does not begin until next YEAR, I have to have my CPR certification RIGHT NOW. They aren't even notifying qualified applicants of their status (there is an exam to be taken in late January as well as an interview and a physical following the exam) until the middle of January. The requirement to have a current CPR certification RIGHT NOW seems so arbitrary.

I guess the city really doesn't want to eliminate that 18% vacancy rate as much as they say they do. I'm about as qualified as they get for the program and yet I'm not eligible. I could probably test out of the CPR certification RIGHT NOW but the ARC doesn't do that (yes, I called and asked).

Damn. Damn. Damn.

I really wanted it. *sigh*


- hfs

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