I am pathetic.

MacGyver and I are on a week-long getaway in Colorado. We didn't get a chance to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this past fall so we booked a trip to Colorado as part of our Christmas mainland trip. Complete with nice hotel room, visits with old friends (we went to college in Colorado in the 90s), lots of good food, tickets on a ski train up to one of the resorts, and tickets to the Denver Broncos/Minnesota Vikings football game.

Sounds like fun, right?

The kids are spending the week with grandparents (along with assorted other family members including my best friend!) and will get to go to Disneyland, the LaBrea Tar Pits, and the Rose Parade. They are thrilled!

Sounds like fun, right?

I'm a mess. I had a lovely little panic attack last night after I tucked them in and actually found myself hoping that my appendix would burst or a horrible snow storm would strike Denver and we wouldn't be able to go. I miss them terribly. Horribly.

I am pathetic.

I am doing my best to have a good time here. Really, I am. MacGyver has been wonderful and sympathetic. And I *am* looking forward to all that we have planned here.

But I'm also counting the days until I can get back to my kids.


- hfs

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