Lunch break

So we're on lunch break right now at SpouseBuzz Live. Let me tell you, it has been great so far!

The first panel was comprised of Carrie (SemperFi Wife), Ruthie (AirForceWife), Sarah, and Mike (Maintenance Toad) and was a look at the humorous side of military life and the coping mechanisms spouses have in place to cope with this crazy life we live. There were some incredible ideas and suggestions that came forth from the audience. The main "takeaway" from this panel is that you cannot compare your "normal" to someone else's "normal" because everyone's life is different. EveryONE is different. Sarah made the comment that "deployments are like snowflakes". Each deployment is snow but they are all different in many ways. So very true.

That panel was followed up by a performance by Cliff Hudson with his song, "Send My Love". Helluva song and it made me wonder why I bothered to put makeup on. Many of the spouses in the audience (and on stage) were in tears, given the fact that Fort Bragg has many soldiers deployed at the moment. Cliff's song will be coming out on a Country compilation CD put out by To The Fallen Records next week. Stop by and check it out - it's incredible. They also have a rock CD coming out and have already released a hip-hop CD. All songs are performed by military members (or former military members).

The next panel up is mine so this should be interesting. The title of this panel is "No, You're Not A Weirdo. Finding Your Inner WonderWoman." Boy are they mistaken because I personally think I *am* pretty weird. But I also think I channel Wonder Woman from time to time and kick some serious Deployment Gremlin @$$. So we'll see how this goes.

The live feed on SyncLive will be up once the next panel gets rolling. Enjoy and try not to laugh too hard at me. Riiiight.


- hfs

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