Oh look! A Chicken

Little Man does not like to have his picture taken. Not to mention the fact that my poor little Power Shot is not designed to take pictures of someone who moves at the speed of sound. I managed to snap a halfway decent picture of him this evening while we were goofing around.

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It looks like MacGyver is suffering from some form of PTSD after all...

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Last night, I had some friends over to play Bunco. My friend, 'Nifer, had been out of town and found me some coasters. They read, "I have ADD and no one understands...Oh look! A CHICKEN!!" It's SO true.

So, tonight, we're reading "The Tortise and the Hare" as a bedtime story. MacGyver was talking to Princess Trouble about staying focused and being diligent in pursuit of the goal (she's easily distracted...she's six). I piped up with "Oh look! A chicken!"
Princess Trouble's response? "WHERE?!?"

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She kills me.

Always fun around here!


- hfs

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