Home again, home again...

jiggety, jig.

Suitcases to unpack. Laundry to do. Mail to sort. Groceries to buy.

Slept in my OWN bed last night. It was glorious. Took a shower in my OWN bathroom this morning. More gloriousness.

Blogging will be light for the next few days.

I heard back from the City and the application for the EMT program was denied. Their loss. As disappointed as I am, it's probably for the best. I have a full plate for the next few months and this summer will see us off the island for a large majority of the time. And childcare was a huge issue (such is the life of a military spouse, no?). So it is for the best. *sigh*

Now I will set my sights on working as a substitute teacher. My terms. My schedule. Good pay. Works for me!

Happy 2008 people!


- hfs

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