Over at SpouseBUZZ, ArmyWifeToddlerMom talks about her friend, 550 Cord. In the comments, a discussion ensued about not only 550 cord but also 100 mph tape and zip ties. MacGyver is the King of them all. We have 55 cord everywhere. It keeps the 100mph tape company and sometimes they party with the 1,027 zip ties scattered throughout the house.

I am not kidding. Those who know me personally will attest to these facts.

So, today we deconstructed Christmas. I know, I know. It's January 12th. Cut me some slack. We didn't get back home until the 8th and we've been dealing with a snotty, puking boy. So deconstructing Christmas had to wait. Once we broke the tree down and had everything back in its box and the boxes back out in the garage, I stumbled across what HAS to be the "mother of all tape"...aka MOAT.


I about DIED. That is one heckuva big roll of tape! I'm sure MacGyver can come up with 1,001 uses for it.

We used to own a 1974 Jeep CJ5. She was a BEAST. Full roll cage throughout, powerful V8 engine, suspension built for off-roading and bouldering. At one point, one of the joints in the front end started to come loose. Being college students and short on cash, he opted to temporarily "fix" it himself. He took a 3/4" zip tie (might have been a 1/2 inch but I'm not sure...it was THICK) and cinched that joint down, nice and tight. It held like that for a good, long time. You have to admire the ingenuity! One of the many reasons I love the man!


- hfs

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