Writer's block - update

Anyone who has met my son will tell you he is one articulate young man. And, truly, he is. His older sister has always had strong command of the English language and started speaking at an early age.

Little Man has always done things better than she. Always. She walked at 9 months. He walked at 8.5. She had at least 15 words in her vocabulary at a year of age and was speaking sentences by 18 months.

Little Man had 20+ words in his 1 year old vocabulary and started speaking with sentences at 15 months.

And he has yet to shut up. He talks in his sleep. I know what he is doing AT ALL TIMES because he TELLS me what he is doing at all times. If a thought crosses his brain, it comes out his mouth. There IS no filter.

And, because he is not yet in school, *I* am the benefactor of his verbal abilities. ALL THE TIME. I seriously have not had a thought of my own ALL DAY LONG TODAY. Not one. I've been up since 545am and he's been up since 615am. He woke himself up because he was talking in his sleep. He's not stopped since.

And it's tough to come up with anything interesting to write about here when I cannot formulate a thought in my head at this point in time. So there's my excuse. Granted I had 3 posts up after apologizing for not posting so I don't know that an excuse is in order. But there ya go.



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