40th Naval Construction Battalion

I'm looking for information on the Seabee's 40th Naval Construction Battalion. My grandfather served on it during WWII and curiosity has grabbed the best of me on this one. I did find their Cruise Book for sale but the price is a bit steep (unless anyone wants to donate to "the cause", in which case I will gldaly get ahold of said book once I verify that his name is in there).

I'm digging but a few extra sets of eyes never hurt. Thanks!


- hfs


QTSii said...

My grandfather also served in the 40th and I have done some moderate research and have his cruise book as well as many pictures that he took while he served in the Admiralties and elsewhere...

Maybe we could swap info?

Nonie said...

Hello! My uncle was in the 40th and I am just getting to work on his papers and what not. I have some pictures of his, some are not so pretty tho. If you could point me in the direction of any history of the 40th I'd appreciate it!

Steve Olivier said...

My father, Lee Olivier, also served with the 40th in the Admiralties. I found a photo of him in the ABCD Manus cruise book. After Manus Island I believe the 40th went back to the states to re gear and head for Saipan. He was in Okinawa at the end of the war. I haven’t been able to find photos or info of the guys from the 40th after leaving Manus Island. Actually I haven’t been able to confirm he was in the 40th. He’s still with us but suffering from alzheimers. His real name is Lino, he was from Brooklyn.

Steve Olivier

Linda Grennan said...

My grandfather also served in the 40th Battalion during WW2. Bill Goad. He was years older than some of the others and passed away in Sept 1975. I would love to hear from any of his military guys or their families. Years ago, I got to meet some of his buddies at their 50th anniversary party in June 1975 in Mangum OK.


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