Guitar Heroes

Michael Yon's newest article highlights the 4/6 Cav Kiowa pilots.
Guitar Heroes

There is 24/7 helicopter coverage over Mosul. When they are not actually flying over Mosul, a team of four pilots stay on “RedCon 3” status, which usually means they should be able to go from initial alert to rotors turning in thirty minutes. But Jamison considers the soldiers on the ground his responsibility to protect, and so he enforces a five minute rule. The pilots who are on RedCon 3 have to wait in a room near the helicopters, and they’ve got only five minutes to get those blades turning after an alert. The ground-pounders here love the pilots. As for the pilots, they have three basic modes: combat, sleep, and RedCon 3. And so they have taken up playing Guitar Hero while on RedCon 3.


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