Blankets for Afghanistan - UPDATE

Some of you may remember that some friends and I helped to mail off dozens of blankets donated to an MP Battalion in Afghanistan a few weeks ago. A few days ago, I heard back from the POC (point of contact) with the MP Battalion.

I would like to thank you for your wonderful contribution. The blankets were absolutely wonderful. They did not go out on Sunday's shipment. I have included pictures of our recent drop. (redacted) Your blankets will go out on the next drop.

There were some soldiers in my company who don't have a blanket so I gave them one of your blankets. We will wash them and donate them when we leave. There is no way to get a really warm blanket here unless someone at home mails one. The blankets here are synthetic. NOT warm. But we only are borrowing a few. The blankets were a lifesaver to us soldiers. And they brightened our day.

From the bunch of us and from our soldiers...thank you for all the wonderful blankets.

382nd MP Battalion

You're more than welcome!

A HUGE mahalo to the Sheraton Pricess Kaiulani hotel in Waikiki and their electrical foreman for their generosity and kindness!!! And a big thank you to my friends who helped get the boxes to the post office! I still owe you all Starbucks!


- hfs

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