I stopped at Starbucks to grab a Chai on my way to shop for a dress for my trip. The cashier that took my credit card at the drive thru window was obviously gay - you could tell simply by his voice. (don't anyone go getting their panties in a wad. I grew up in Southern California and hearing the swish in a man's voice is easy for me and a telltale sign as to which way his door swings)

I hand him my Disney Rewards credit card which has a picture of Tinkerbell on it. He looks at it and, with all sincerity, tells me,

I love Tinkerbell. She makes it O.K. to be a bitch.

I about fell out of my car laughing! Gotta love it!


- hfs


airforcewife said...

Oh God, I'm DYING here!

liberal army wife said...

oh, now that guy I like! I'll have to tell George - my hair guy...


Mary said...

I sent it to two people I know that are big Disney fans (one's gay!) and have the sense of humor that would appreciate what happened


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