A Bleg

I've been dutifully saving my money to pay for my plane ticket to the MilBlogging Conference in Vegas this coming September. Tucking away $20 here and $50 there. I had about $600 saved up which was close to what I would need to at least cover plane tickets.

Then the opportunity to go to the White House and hang with the Prez presented itself and there went the $600 (and then some). It was an opportunity I could not pass up and I am grateful I did not do so. However, that leaves me in a bit of a tight spot. I'm now back to square one in terms of covering costs to Vegas. And I don't have a lot of time to do so nor do I have much of an opportunity as we will be on the mainland for the bulk of the summer.

So I've taken a tip from Lex and set up a TIP JAR in the hopes that I don't have to swim to the mainland this fall. Someone has already been generous enough to hit it (which shocked me! Thank you!) which gets me headed in the right direction.

Thanks for even considering it. I appreciate the readers I have and I am blessed simply to have this opportunity. You all are wonderful. Thank you.


- hfs

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