Cass, this one's for you!

Had lunch on the North Shore and thought of you!


- hfs


Anonymous said...

I'm not Cass, but could ya stop by the Dole Plantation on the way back and have some ice cream for me?


Cassandra said...


That doesn't look so dangerous!

Boy would I like to be in Hawaii now. .. or maybe not. I'd have to put a bathing suit on. Time to hit the gym!

Homefront Six said...

AC ~ Dole Whip is awesome!!! I'll have some for you next time we go ;~) A friend of mine who also loves Dole Whip says you can get it at DisneyWorld too. Not sure if that helps you out.

Andrew and Leigh said...

From what I've heard, the Dole Whip is at Epcot Center near Swiss Family tree house. Not sure if that's true but I'm holding out hope!! Sure missing the Mexican restaurant on the North Shore.... Oh and Killer Tacos. And a million other island things.

Amy said...

I've never commented before but... I was at Disney last year. Dole Whips can be found in Magic Kingdom and over at the Polynesian Resort. :)

Whatever that blue drink is, it looks really, really good.

Homefront Six said...

Leigh ~ we miss you too!!

Amy ~ thanks for the tips on Dole Whip! I think we're going to hit DW this summer while we're out that way so we'll have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but not really close since I'm in TX. I craved it for months after our trip to paradise.

Someday I will return............


Andrew and Leigh said...

Realized later that Swiss Family house isn't even in Epcot. I seriously need to get more sleep. So glad to get confirmation that Dole Whip is indeed in Orlando even if I can't keep track of which park!

Veterans - Liza said...

how sweet? What's that drink called again?

Homefront Six said...

It's a Blue Hawaiian:

1 oz light rum
1 cherry
2 oz pineapple juice
1 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
1 oz cream of coconut

Quite, quite yummy. Deceptively so. Packs a decent punch too if you're not careful.

DL Sly said...

Soooo.....would that make it a Blue Hawaiian Punch?


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