Chinooks Vandalized

Chinooks Vandalized at Boeing Plant in PA

U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak has said he was told that broken or severed wires were found in one helicopter and that a suspicious washer was found in a second. Maupin described the washer as being in a place it shouldn't.

Find them, string them up, and beat them senseless.


- hfs


DL Sly said...

"...beat them senseless."

Can't beat out of them what they obviously don't have in the first place. How about something really painful like making them listen to Yoko Ono for hours on end.

BillT said...

That type *enjoys* listening to Yoko Oh-No, Sly. I'm for letting them run the gauntlet on the assembly line.

They'll catch 'em, HF6. That type is too stupid to erase their tracks...

Barb said...

Even if they had senses, don't beat them senseless. Ensure they are awake for the beatings at all times. A$$hats.

Homefront Six said...

There is a reward being offered for information leading to the arrest of the scum that did this. I'll skip the $5,000. Just let me find them and beat them.


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