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Leading General Tells Troops to Start Blogging

Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, who heads the Combined Arms Center [CAC] and Ft. Leavenworth, told his soldiers in a recent memo that "faculty and students will begin blogging as part of their curriculum and writing requirements both within the .mil and public environments. In addition CAC subordinate organizations will begin to engage in the blogosphere in an effort to communicate the myriad of activities that CAC is accomplishing and help assist telling the Army’s story to a wide and diverse audience."

Lt. Gen. Caldwell, the former commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, is a blogger himself, contributing to Small Wars Journal. He made waves in January when he wrote that "we must encourage our Soldiers to... get onto blogs and to send their YouTube videos to their friends and family."

Which is quizzical, given the fact that YouTube is currently banned on military networks. Nor can you blog during duty hours.

I definitely think it's a good idea and I'm curious to see how this flies with the higher-ups.


- hfs


Anonymous said...

He has his own blog: http://usacac.army.mil/blog/

Homefront Six said...

Yep. He also writes for Small Wars Journal.

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

interesting .....I am curious as well to see how this all plays out.....



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