Why weren't gas prices high when *I* was in school??

Schools Shut Down to Save Money

The MACCRAY School District in western Minnesota voted earlier this month to switch to a four-day school week beginning in September. The decision to close the schools on Mondays will mean slightly longer hours on the other four days, but it will also mean a three-day weekend, every week.

They will be saving money on:

* transportation costs
* heating and cooling costs
* substitute costs (teachers have a weekday to schedule appointments, thereby cutting back on the need for subs)

They will also see a decrease in the number of student absences (though I'm curious to see how that works out in a percentage compared to the number of actual school days in a year).

Man, WHY could this not have happened when *I* was in school. I am all for a 4-day work week.



- hfs


Frankly Opinionated said...

That is an excellent concept. Long, long ago, I was a Park Ranger. Our park decided to work 4 10 hour days and have the 3 day weekend. Worked fine til some Yankee transplants bitched that they should be paid overtime for the extra 2 hours each day. As a result of their effort, we drove to work an extra day, had one less weekend day, and the unionist got ostracized. I wonder if the Teachers Union will go along with this.

BillT said...

FO's got a good point. I'll bet the NEA will demand the teachers get overtime pay *plus* an extra day off every two weeks as prep time for that grueling schedule.

Wouldn't have worked when I was a kid, though. No school buses -- we had to wait until a mammoth passed by and broke trail through the 15-foot snowdrifts.

I'm soooo glad Global Warming finally happened...