For Mike

My friend, 'Nifer, pointed out to me that her husband would get his BVDs in a bunch over the fact that I pretty much just told the world that I would be away from my home for a large portion of the summer.

So, world, I just want you to know that our house will NOT be empty this summer. Funny thing is that this is Hawaii and, amazingly, people like to vacation here. And, since WE won't be needing the house while we're gone, we've offered it to friends who have visitors coming this summer. Kind of a house-swap, of sorts.

Only we won't be staying in THEIR house...

Not to mention my wonderful neighbor across the street who is big, mean, and owns several guns and a Rottweiler will be watching the house for us as well. *I* wouldn't want to mess with him.

Oh, and there's a cop that lives just up the street too who knows we'll be gone and will also be keeping an eye on the house.

And there are booby-traps on some of the entry points (I'll let the would-be robbers take a guess as to which ones...). Seriously though, if someone wants to break into my house, I'd MUCH rather they do it while I'm gone. Stuff is just stuff and while I may be sad if it's taken from me, it's just stuff.

There. Mike, do you feel better?? I know *I* do!


- hfs


Mike said...


BillT said...

Geez, I don't have a problem with people knowing *I'm* gone.

Wife, easily-irritated, armed, one each.

Dogs, vocal, large, three each.

Neighbors, police, uniformed and undercover, armed, two each.

Neighbors, non-police, armed, twelve each (not counting the kids who go bow-hunting).

Homefront Six said...

I think I'd be most afraid of the wife. She's put up with you this long...I'm betting she's pretty easily irritated.

BillT said...

I'm betting she's pretty easily irritated.

Especially when I'm not around to give her a backrub. I'm firmly convinced my skillful digits are the only reason I'm still alive.

Okay, there's *another* reason, but you run a family-oriented place...

Homefront Six said...

*sticks fingers in ears and sings "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" at top of lungs*


Thanks, Bill.

BillT said...

*cherubic smile*

Jen said...

ROFL at Mike, the neurotic.


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