No Clear Cause

No Clear Cause Found in Blackhawk Crash

The Army investigation into the crash on Aug. 22, 2007, obtained by The Advertiser through the Freedom of Information Act, and the most detailed account yet of the fatal crash, found that the soldiers suffered blunt force injuries in an impact of 150 Gs.

One G is the force of Earth's gravity. A fighter pilot coming out of a dive can experience up to nine Gs.

It was the greatest single loss of life for the 25th Infantry Division since the Vietnam War, and the worst helicopter crash in Iraq since a CH-53 Super Stallion went down in western Iraq on Jan. 26, 2005. Of 31 killed in that crash, 26 Marines and a sailor were from Kane'ohe Bay.

As the one-year anniversary of the Black Hawk crash approaches this summer, the 224-page investigation doesn't provide a definitive answer as to what caused it.

This was truly one of the Army's worst days. I'm sure the days following weren't any better for the families.


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BillT said...

They *know* what caused it -- FOD in the driveshaft. They just don't know what the item was beyond the shadow of a doubt.

4th of the 6th is still here -- and still flying...

Bethy said...

I hope you're having a same trip. Miss you already!!! :)


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